Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Im back!

Firstly sorry that i didnt finish the xfactor posts off! I was half way through but something came up! So sorry about that!
Right, tonight im here with Im a Celebrity Get me Out Of Here!
Firstly OMG Gillian? Really?
I think that she REALLY must of understodd the programme because to be honest, she has got a VERY BAD insect phobia! I feel sorry for the poor woman!
Then again - maybe she has a thing for Bob ;)

Im really enjoying the series so far! Theres alot of tension with Gillian! To be honest, i agree with whatg Stacey just said - if you have that much of a insect phobia, you should just leave because its bad for her health! Contract or no contract :)
Anyway will be back soon i hope!!

Bubi :) xx

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