Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Im back!

Firstly sorry that i didnt finish the xfactor posts off! I was half way through but something came up! So sorry about that!
Right, tonight im here with Im a Celebrity Get me Out Of Here!
Firstly OMG Gillian? Really?
I think that she REALLY must of understodd the programme because to be honest, she has got a VERY BAD insect phobia! I feel sorry for the poor woman!
Then again - maybe she has a thing for Bob ;)

Im really enjoying the series so far! Theres alot of tension with Gillian! To be honest, i agree with whatg Stacey just said - if you have that much of a insect phobia, you should just leave because its bad for her health! Contract or no contract :)
Anyway will be back soon i hope!!

Bubi :) xx

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Rebecca was brill! x



Cher - loved the outfit! And her performance was very good! However alot of people are saying it wasnt really a beatles song? Hmm....

One direction - also really good! However they seem to be getting some negatives from Cheryl and Danni. Good luck to everyone!

Bubi :) xx

Xfactor time!

Right so helloo there ;)
Heres a word of warning - im going to be updating constantly! So keep refreshing!

Right the judges all loook quite good tonight! Louis has a purple with grey - i think black sould be better? But other than that lovely stylist work ;)

Ok so starting the show off was Matt <3 That was good wasnt it!?
Loved it :) He is a VERY strong contender in my eyes! What do you think? Vote for him if you agree in the poll on the side of the page :') >>>>>
Back soon :)
Bubi :) Xx

Lets, Talk, CLOTHES....

Good mornin'! Its me :) Back online!!!
Right, this post is going to be about clothing. I have had several fashion websites in the past and just love talking about whats in, and whats not!

Right, so you may of already caught on by now that it is winter!!! So in nearly every clothing store now, there are coats everywhere! Try and get an on trend colour with your coat. Big and Bold an Bright colours (BBB) are what its all about this winter, so try go for something bold!
Also, military designs are still in fashion! Maybe do the opposite of BBB and go for a nice simple and slim black coat...

Also in this winter is woolen knits! Oh my gosh they are EVERYYY WHEREEE! I love the whole 'retro' clothing at the moment. Places like River Island, Newlook, Forever 21 (OPENED IN ENGLAND AAHHH!!!!) much love... etc all have knitwear in! We are going old school this year - and we Love It!!! Go on your favourite stores website and see if there is a section called knitwear. Also chunky knitwear is essential to loooking good this year!

What do we think of the Celebritys at the EMA's??
Rhianna looked beautiful in this flowy dress! Its ideal for you too just let your feminie side out


 ladies! Also the colour is stunning! A nude coloured dress does wonders on her firery red hair!

Katy Perry - (someone who knows how to spell our name right!) was wearing a Jeremy Scott dress and adds a twist of her own with blue shoes! She looks amazing...

Shakira on the red carpet at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards

Shakira was wearing lovely dress that sparkled in the lights! It was beautifully composed to compliment her skin tone! Stunning...

There were so many outfits at the show i cant put them all on but everyone looked great!
Eva Langoria was  THE fairy godmother of the show however, due to her having 13 DIFFERENT OUTFITS!!!! They all looked great - even the ham ;)

Well thats this BIG post! I hope i will be on tonight! Back soon!

Bubi :) xxx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Add a little magic...: LOL

Add a little magic...: LOL: "Ok so i have been looking over youtube since my last post and the ammount of funny videos i have watched! One of my all time favourites sinc..."


Ok so i have been looking over youtube since my last post and the ammount of funny videos i have watched!
One of my all time favourites since like FOREVER is the sneezing panda! If you havent seen it and havent caught on yet, this videos shows a mom panda with her new baby in a zoo. When the baby sneezes (cute anyway) the mother is given quite a fright! I adore that video :') If you havent seen it and want to, or you are just up for another giggle, search on youtube sneezing panda. There some other ones on there too that will make you laugh :')
Infact, there are really just alot of hilarious videos of animals to babies sneezing! Check em out ;)
Bubi xx